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Betsy Dy-Liacco Joins The CREATV Company as Philippines Representative

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

The CREATV Company is happy to welcome back Lilibeth “Betsy” Dy-Liacco as our Producer and representative in the Philippines.

Currently based in Manila, Betsy has had 25 years of production experience across Southeast Asia, including 6 years working in Vietnam. She has worked extensively as producer, fixer and production manager in a wide range of feature film, reality show and TVC production projects, such as The Amazing Race franchise (U.S., Australia, Israel, etc.), Asia’s Next Top Model, MTV Asia, amongst others.

Having worked at The CREATV Company from 2006 to 2009, Betsy is excited to represent CREATV in the Philippines, adding: “I know first hand the commitment and support that CREATV has for its producers, clients and production. As we become more virtually connected and globally competitive, I look forward to contributing my knowledge and network in the region in future collaborations with CREATV across the border.”

In this role, Betsy will help extend our presence and operational reach to the Philippines, especially our remote production services, making our CREATV Connect initiative truly international.


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