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CREATV recently formed an alliance with Makati, Philippines based Mandala Productions. Part of our post-COVID recovery strategy to bring the very best international productions back to Asia, our alliance shares networks of talent and pools regional resources to best serve the client's production needs. The CREATV-Mandala Alliance can help you, your clients and partners realize your production goals, wherever you want to be. For cross borders productions, this could significantly streamline your production plan and budget.

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The CREATV-Mandala Alliance brings nine territories under the expertise of two regional powerhouse production companies. CREATV brings know-how and experience in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, while Mandala is the hands-on expert for incoming productions looking to shoot in The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and South Korea. 

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Our teams have a breadth of knowledge about 9 territories and can assist with creative briefs, scripts, negotiating cultural intersections, and more.


The Alliance can plan your production whether it's in one or several countries and even multiple provinces in one or several countries -- or any other location in our territories.


We offer a single point of contact; our company serving as a one-stop hub for your production in any location within our alliance.

From pre-production, to shooting, editing and post, we can arrange

                      today to discuss how CREATV-Mandala Alliance can meet your production needs.

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