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We understand that you have to sweat about logistics when considering shooting in a location that is not your home base. No matter the scale of your production, filming in an unfamiliar country requires careful planning and in-depth expertise of what is available in-country, and what might not be.

Founded in 1995, The CREATV Company is the longest established private production company in Vietnam. With years of experience filming across VIETNAM, LAOS, & CAMBODIA, we can help make your filming experience in Southeast Asia infinitely more manageable. We now offer nine territories in Asia through our alliance with Philippines-based Mandala Productions. From our fixing, line production to location services, we are here to assist you in realizing your creative visions and meeting all your production needs.



All foreign film and TV production companies are required by law to apply for filming permits that cover all intended in-country shooting locations. A General Filming Permit is issued by either the Ministry of Culture or in the case of reportage, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Processing time and fee vary between countries, but you can expect anywhere between 5-10 business days for documentaries, reality programs and one-offs, to 30-45 business days for fiction in the form of a television or feature film script.


We will help you compile and submit to the relevant authorities a permit dossier, consisting of an introduction letter about your company, a detailed synopsis of your film/show, tentative shooting itinerary, equipment & crew lists, and scanned passport photos of all foreign crew and cast.

Obtaining a separate permit from the Ministry of Defense is mandatory for Drone Filming, whether you plan to bring and operate your own drone, or hire a local drone operator. And like other countries, certain flight restrictions do apply.



Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia are non-carnet countries. For import and re-export purposes, you need to submit a complete equipment list in Carnet-format (information on: Quantity, Description, Make, Model, Year, Weight, Country of Origin and Value). We offer customs clearance service, ensuring that the process goes smoothly and that you will be able to enjoy duty-free temporary import of your equipment – just like a Carnet, but not.


We also work with a number of reputable rental houses that provide good-quality, and even the latest cameras, lighting, and sound equipment should you prefer to rent in-country.  Please ask us for appropriate Rate Cards if you are interested.



We can take care of your visa application process, as all foreign crew members are required to have work visa authorization to work in country. Once processed, we will send you the visa approval letters which will either allow you to enter for Visa on Arrival and/or Visas will be stamped into your team’s passports at your local Vietnam Embassy.

Additionally, we offer fast track service that will assist your crew and cast to smoothly complete all procedures at immigration checkpoints upon arrival.



Southeast Asia has some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world, and numerous cultural monuments rich in history. With our knowledgeable team of researchers/fixers, and years of experience in  creative content development, we can recommend locations in the region most suitable to your production needs and suggest ideas of places and activities that you might not be aware of. We will then assist you in scouting and securing potential locations for your shoot.



From DOPs, assistant directors, to art teams, wardrobe and makeup artists, to production assistants, we will help you hire professional and skilled local production crew, most of whom are able to communicate in English. For non-English speakers, we can also arrange translator PAs to assist, so production runs without a hitch.



We know that safety on the road is essential, regardless of transit time. Therefore, we only work with responsible, highly professional transport companies with experienced drivers and quality vehicles. Drivers work for 12-14 hours/day, and while most might not speak English, we always arrange at least one personnel per vehicle who does.

Depending on your budget, we can recommend affordable hotels or more high-end luxury accommodations. Our coordinators and fixers can be your liaison with the hotel to set up production offices, equipment/art rooms, laundry service, etc. so your crew has a pleasant stay and productive working environment.



Whether you would like to cast for a scene full of locals, or plan to shoot with a diverse group of extras, we can help you cast the required roster of talent, regardless of ethnicities and age. We work with many professional local casting agencies to make this happen. Additionally, we can also cast voice talent with different dialects based on your specifications.



Ensuring your cast and crew's comfort on and off-set is important to us. We make sure that there are always abundant snacks, fresh fruits, water and healthy beverages in vehicles and on set. Meals can include Western food and local cuisine, depending on your preferences.

We also try our best to accommodate any dietary restrictions, so your crew will have all the energy they need to accomplish a successful shoot.

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