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CBS News - Trump & Kim Vietnam Summit 2019

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Vietnam’s capital Hanoi was chosen to host the second summit between two of the World’s most famous, and often notorious figures, US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The CREATV Company took part in this historic event from a viewpoint across the room as a Country Fixers for CBS News, one of America’s longest established and most recognized news networks.

Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un meet in Vietnam

With our inside sources informing us that it was either Hanoi, or Da Nang, our team and CBS scouted potential locations and vantage points in both cities. When Hanoi was finally set, the rush began with us racing not only against time but also against other news networks to secure the best locations to cover the story.

Besides the primary coverage of the Summit, we also assisted CBS producers Jeff Glor, Major Garrett, and Ben Tracy in pursuing their news pieces, stories that highlighted how Vietnam as a country has risen from the ashes of war, notably on its willingness to open up to the world both economically and politically.

Although the summit ended without an agreement, for many who saw it happen, progress was still made. For CBS, although no deals were reached, they were happy as they had a great show, or as Dave Hawthorne, Senior Producer in charge put it, “a successful remote.” For the CREATV Company, it was a great experience taking part in the historic event.

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