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COVID-19 June 2020 Update

Updated: May 17, 2021

While Vietnam has fared comparatively well during this Covid-19 pandemic, now more than ever, the rules on set, and in our daily lives have changed for everyone. As part of The CREATV Company’s New Normal, and in following the guidelines of our Ministry of Health, we’ve prepared the following General Updated Information on Covid-19 in Vietnam and our Covid-19 On Set Guidelines, putting the health, safety and well-being of our crews first.


First, here is the latest General information of Covid-19 in Vietnam:

  1. Social Distancing restrictions have been lifted in 3 phases, and in our current phase, most businesses are back up and running while some discotheques and karaoke lounges, etc., are still closed. And we still have restrictions of group gatherings no larger than 30- 40 people in public places. While in private places, as long as we can maintain social distancing, the limit is undetermined, meaning, it would be 60-70 people and above.

  2. Masks are mandatory in public places/spaces, as well as supermarkets, shopping malls, etc.

  3. Please note borders are still closed and no visas are currently being issued. Vietnam is working on a possible limited opening in early July, with e-visa issuance effective July 1, for a limited number of countries (approx. 80 approved nations). In the first phase of opening, the 14-day mandatory quarantine at a Ministry of Health dedicated facility is still in place. Additionally, in the Phase I Border Opening, visa issuance will require three levels of government administrative approvals.

Meanwhile, a Phase II Border Opening of the country to foreign nationals is expected in Q4, meaning in and around September - so please keep that in mind in your planning.

To date, it is still a work in progress, and not official, but the plan for Phase II Border Openings would include QR Code Health Test Certificates from Country of origin and rapid test on arrival in Vietnam, meaning no quarantine period on arrival -- i.e. it is a version of a Health Passport. AGAIN, all of this is in progress and not official at this point. The respective authorities are working on an action plan for a safe limited opening, and we’ll update again as the announcements are made.


From a logistical point-of-view, we have been practicing the following on our filming sets since even before our lockdowns here and continue to practice even as the country opens up. These Guidelines are as per Vietnam’s Ministry of Health Covid-19 Protocols:

  1. Hand Sanitizing - we have 02 stations as you come in to our offices, in addition to our washroom facilities. For location filming, we will provide hand sanitizing stations that will include gel hand sanitizer, as well, full washroom facilities with handwashing basins.

  2. Face Masks - Disposable medical grade face masks and/or reusable fabric face masks are provided for all crew.

  3. Digital Temperature Thermometers - we have digital read-out thermometers and will take everyone's temperature at the start of the day and throughout the day as necessary.

  4. Social Distancing - the requirement is 1.5m apart when in public spaces -- though, to be very honest, this is one measure that Vietnam is a little more lenient with 1. (IF you are wearing your masks, but remember, wearing a mask in public is mandatory in Vietnam).

Additionally, Vietnam has an Online Health Register, ourselves and our staff are already registered -- again, even before our lockdowns we completed this process - - we will also ask ALL CREW to adhere to the online Health Register requirements.

We hope this helps clarify Vietnam's current status and ask that everyone adhere to the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 Protocols for Vietnam.

Please Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Be Happy!

The CREATV Company

June 8th, 2020

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