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Orange is the new Green

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Sustainability starts at home. Or in our case, at the office!

Nestled between our two studios and office is now an organic vegetable garden, with nearly 30 vegetable varieties planted, from herbs like basil, and peppermint, to butter lettuce, morning glory and tomatoes. In about one to two months, we will have a sumptuous feast for both our eyes, and our taste buds

November 15th was a memorable day for many of our team members who tried gardening for the very first time. With 80s oldies playing on sound speaker, we filled biodegradable paper cups with soil, planted in the different seeds, and buried the cups into the ground in neat rows. Our garden transformation project also consisted of replacing all the plastic flowerpots for ceramic ones, and building two compost bins out of disused metal barrels.

Watch the time-lapse video to see how it was all done, and share with us how you're going green at home (or at your office)!

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