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Paradise on Air

We are thrilled to announce the airing of our latest collaboration with Mandala Productions: Hotel Paradise on Poland’s TVN7. A saucy, spicy reality dating competition show, with romantic contenders baring it all to get a big cash prize, Hotel Paradise was shot on location in Quy Nhon, in Vietnam’s Binh Dinh province. 

The two seasons were shot over one hundred days, involving 14 tonnes of imported equipment, a villa rigged with 60+ cameras and required the building of a full-scale video village with dozens of containers fitted with the latest technology. Polish teams worked 24/7 alongside CREATV’s Vietnamese and Mandala’s Filipino teams. The team worked nonstop since late year until the end of March, and we celebrate them for the tireless work to make Hotel Paradise a real place - and a true success.

The CREATV Company and Mandala Productions wish to thank the Government of Vietnam and the many people of Quy Nhon who went out of their way to support this project. Hotel Paradise’s success is all due to your hard work and support.

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